Rock Hole Oysters


These oysters are raised in bottom cages off the sandy bottom of the Rock Hole Creek, a branch of the Little Wicomico River.


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Customer Reviews

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Manuel Guzman


Most Excellent Oysters

I was thoroughly impressed with the oysters I received. They were clean (which was completely unexpected), easy to shuck and delicious, and not a bad one in the bunches I ordered (a total of 130 oysters in two weeks). I ordered twice within two weeks, first was 50 of the Rock Hole oysters and 80 of the Blackberry Reserve oysters. These are the very best quality oysters I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying. I live on the Pacific coast with the Pike Market within a few miles, but your oysters were so flavorful, clean, meaty, great texture and so fresh! I will always order my oysters from Little Wicomico and I am so happy I took the risk and ordered with your company, what JOY! Many companies I've ordered from sent filthy and open oysters (so I ended up tossing many oysters for safety reason) and some companies sent oysters not packed in ice, so I had to request a refund. I buy oysters at the Pike Market, but again they are not always safe to consume, and they charge more to ship than the cost of the oysters. Thank you for delivering what you promised. I'm telling all of my oyster-lover friends about you. Sincerely, Ina Carr


Fresh tasty and economical

Truly excellent

We got two dozen Rock Hole oysters shipped to us for Easter. We were a little worried that they'd arrive not-ok in our very rural area, but they arrived right on time, utterly fresh and every single oyster was live and juicy. We ate the first dozen raw on Easter, then the last 12 as Oysters Rockefeller a day later. Just fabulous. The Rock Hole weren't as briny as we were hoping, but they were tangy and good. Not too shabby for seeing your ad on Facebook and ordering on a whim!

Aubrey Shaw

They were great