Frequently Asked Questions

How to shuck an oyster?

Our #1 asked question! Watch Owner Myles demonstrate :)

When will my order ship?

Well, that depends. Little Wicomico ONLY ships on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. If you are requesting the earliest possible ship date, orders will ship the same day if before 10:00 am ET or the next day if after.

For orders using the date picker for a future date, we will send you order out via 2-day shipping. 2 days prior to the requested delivery date.

How to store live/shelled oysters?

Place in your fridge, or in a cooler on ice.  Make sure they do not get down into the ice-water and that will shock them.  If storing for more than 3 days in your fridge, place in a dish and cover with a wet kitchen towel to prevent drying out.

How to store shucked/jarred oysters?

Place the jar in a bowl with ice and water and store in the coldest part of your fridge.  Use by the date stamped on the lid.

What are "mud worms" on oysters?

Mud worms are a natural part of the oyster's ecosystem, and do not affect the quality or taste of the oyster meat. They are harmless and naturally occurring. Mud worms can be very common on oysters served in local restaurants.

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