100 ct Farm Fresh Oyster Sampler + Shucking Knife


Our Farm Sampler comes with 25 of each(100 total) of our best-selling oysters.

Bonus: Includes Shucking Knife!!

Get 25 of Each of Our Top Oysters Options: 

  • Blackberry® Oysters
  • Peachtree Oysters
  • Smith Point Oysters
  • Rock Hole Oysters

Not sure the difference? Check out our oyster guide!


Sampler: Blackberry Oysters / Peachtree Oysters / Smith Point Oysters / Rock Hole Oysters
Watch Video: How To Shuck An Oyster

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Top-Notch Quality
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Customer Reviews

Based on 442 reviews

used to buy from White stone, but their quality went way down, and they won't stand behind their oysters anymore. they shipped a bunch of black nasty oysters and refused to do right by me. So glad I found this company, oysters arrived perfect, and the sample pack gave me a chance to decide which ones I liked the best. Excellent customer service also. Keep up the good work and I will be a life long customer.
and the prices are better so I can buy more often. Which is a great big bonus for me.

Eric Rodriguez
So Fresh & Delicious

I am very skeptical when it comes to eating oysters, specially when buying it and getting it shipped to my home. But I have to admit that these oysters are one, if not the best selection that I had ever had.
I love oysters and I eat them a lot and by far the Wicomico oysters tasted so fresh and delicious that I will buy them again and recommended to anyone that enjoys such a fine pleasure from the sea.

Shipping Nightmare

UPS damaged my first shipment, second shipment UPS misrouted and took an extra day, but we got our excellent oysters and it was worth the wait.

Tom Hirchak

They were fresh, puffy and delicious. It was great to have the variety description with them. Had friends over to share. We’ll be back!

Terrell Benjamin
Oyster review

I must say the oysters were good quality. However, I think they are rather expensive.