Smith Point Oysters


These oysters are naturally set oysters from the Chesapeake Bay. Harvested off the bottom by dredge daily! Their long shell is eye-catching and typically results in a larger oyster.


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Customer Reviews

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Regina Reams
High quality

For those who like a little saltier, more earthy oyster, these are great. They'd be great fried up or stewed up on a cold night. Or roast them around a nice campfire.

Richard LeBlanc
Still on the fence

I have been more than pleased with my last 2 orders. Both were delicious in their own way. Perhaps my 3rd variety will force me to order the sampler so I get some of each.
Great product, great service.

Michael Papoi
3rd purchase

My oysters were harvested on Wednesday and delivered to Georgia on Thursday. We had 2 dozen on Friday, refrigerated, and on Sunday, upon preparing the remaining 26, 6 had opened and had to be discarded. This was a replacement order that UPS reported as damaged and not delivered.. The company promptly sent a replacement order. Brazo Zjulu!

Jaime Segovia

Smith Point oysters are really good !! tasty and juicy …!! Delicious !!

David Robertson
Great oysters

I placed an order from a Facebook ad. I received them quickly, still on ice, and we live in Oregon. They were fresh and just yummy.